5 Day Mhamid – Sidi Naji-Erg Ezzahar-Erg Smar-Oued Naam

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Day 1 : Mhamid – Sidi Naji

Meeting point 08.00am at Mhamid. We start our trip on the back of our camel to explore and discover the most beautiful parts of the big desert. Our journey is leading us towards the big dunes of Ez-Zahar. After about 3 hours ridding we enjoy our lunch break under a shadowy tree in Race Nkhel, a haven that epitomizes the eco tourism, followed by a cup of tea to refresh our bodies to get ready for the following activity. After another 3 hours riding and/or trekking, we set up our camp in Sidi Naji (A Nomad tribe shrine). Overnight including half board at Camp, Sidi Naji.

Day 2 : Sidi Naji – Erg Ezzahar

This morning, we take our luggage and move on through the magic Sahara desert. We cross a big part of the desert area (about 3 hours of camel riding). Lunch will be enjoyed in the middle of the desert. Refreshed and strengthened, we continue to explore and enjoy the superb and unusual sights. After another 3 hours of walking, we set up our camp in a wonderful dune area named Ezzahar. Overnight including half board Bivouac Camp, Ezzahar.

Day 3: Ezzahar – Erg-Smar- Oued Naam

After the sunrise and our breakfast, we carry on our trekking for about 3 hours with our companion animal (camel) towards the dunes of Es-Smar. Lunch will be enjoyed in the shadow of a big Tamaris tree, next to the ruins of this old village, after lunch departure to Oued Naam the hike will take 2 hours and half, mobile camp and night. Our journey continues for another 2 hours approx. till we reach Oued Naam where we will set up our camp.Enjoy the sunset and get a taste of a different world of calmness and tranquillity. Overnight including half board at Bivouac Camp, Oued Naam.

Day 4: Oued Naam – Mhamid

After breakfast we pack and start our way towards Mhamid village. It will take us around 3 hours by camel or hike till we reach our lunch spot. Enjoy a light lunch prepared by your guide followed by a cup of “thé à la mente”. After a small siesta we will continue to ride back through the amazing desert landscape to the Mhamid, which we will reach in the evening at around 18.00h. Continue your journey or extend your stay for another night at our cosy Hotel.


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